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Diamond DA40 Star (Garmin 1000)

The DA40 TDI is an ideal single engine four-seater, ultra-modern, safe and efficient. It is a joy to use this computerized cockpit while learning to fly. The acquired knowledge and experience in the DA40 also ensures a smooth transition to the DA42 and the Flight Simulator.

Engine Thielert Centurion 2.0 (135 hp)
Maximum Takeoff Weight 990 kg (2182.0 lbs)
Wing Loading 81.08 kg/m (14.26 lbs/sq.ft.)
Power Loading 5,50 kg/HP (12.12 lbs/HP)
Load Factor -1.76 and +4.4g
Design Maneuvring Speed 212 km/h (114 kts)
Never Exceed Speed 341 km/h (184 kts)
Best Rate of Climb Speed 135 km/h (73 kts)
Best Angle of Climb Speed 120 km/h (65 kts)
Landing Speed 130 km/h (70 kts)