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Privat Pilot Licence: PPL(A)


The practical training to obtaine the PPL (A) license  is organized by Ostend Air College BE/ATO-001.
The lessons take place at Ostend Air College, Nieuwpoortsesteenweg 945B, 8400 Oostende.

  Admission requirements

The candidate must meet the following requirements before he may enroll this course: 
 Minimum age 17 years
 Possess an EASA Part-Med certificate class 1 or 2
 In possession of an EASA-fly book

  Experiences and credits

To obtain the Private Pilot Licence (A), you must fly at least 45 hours. 5 hours of which may be flown on a simulator. Holders of a valid license for helicopters, gliders or motor gliders, can possibly obtain a credit of 10% of the total time as Pilot-in-Command, with a maximum of 10 hours (ref. JAR-FCL). 

  Overview minimum requirements for practical training



Minimum hours + requirements


25 h (20h if candidate has credits)

Supervised solo

10 h of which a minimum of 5h solo-country and minimum 1 cross-country flight of at least 150 NM (270 km), during which 2 full stop landings in 2 different airports must be made. (Doesn't include the Departure airport)

  Training PPL (A) based on the European Directive JAR-FCL

Phases + Program
Dual PIC
Total hours
36:00 19:00

  Final exam

The course ends with a practical exam, organized by Ostend Air College BE/ATO-001. Want to learn more or register for this module? Contact us: phone 059/31.42.81 email: info@o-a-c.be and we will make you an offer as fast as possible.