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Airline Pilot : Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL)

Integrated Training in daytime

The integrated training in the daytime is directed to ab initio students who just graduated and desire a career in aviation. 

Start of the lesson cycles : mid September / end of January

Admission requirements :

 Mimimum holder of a diploma ASO, TSO or equivalent.
 Sufficient knowledge of English, mathematics and physics.
 Have an EASA Part-Med medical certificate.


Theoretical lessons for integrated training ATPL:

 Airlaw and airtraffic procedures
 General aircraft knowledge (airframe, systems, engines)
 General aircraft knowledge (tools, avionics)
 Weight Cutlery
 Aircraft Performance
 Human capabilities and limitations
 General navigation
 Radio Navigation
 Operational Procedures
 VFR Communication Procedures
 IFR Communication Procedures


The practical part consists of 231 flight hours, including a separate course Multi Crew Cooperation (MCC) of 20 hours and 6 hours After Car Program.

VFR = Visual Flight Rules
PPL = Private Pilot License
IFR = Instrument Flight Rules
ME = Multi-engine
CPL = Commercial Pilot License
MCC = Multi Crew Cooperation


To prepare the students for the official exams, the school organize tests on regularly basis and ends the academic year with school exams.  The official exams, in the form of multiple choice, are provided by the Directorate General of Aviation in Brussels.  The minimum passing score is 75 % per subject.
There are two practical exams organized by OAC, namely:
PPL exam
CPL / ME - IFR exam
The exams take place on an aircraft of OAC and the examiner will be appointed by the Civil Aviation.