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Aviation is full of acronyms and jargon. We've set the main ones in the lines below.


EASA: European Aviation Safety Agency

European Agency for the Safety of Air Navigation. Outputs include inspections, training and standardization programs to ensure uniform implementation of the European rules on aviation safety in all Member States.

FAA: Federal Aviation Authorities

The FAA is the American counterpart of the JAA regulatory

JAA : Joint Aviation Authorithies

The JAA represents the aeronautical authorities of a number of European countries and is a regulatory body that the quality and content of JAR-FCL watches.

ICAO: International Civil Aviation Organization

The ICAO is a specialized agency of the United Nations. The countries represented at the ICAO, making agreements on aviation on a global level.

JAR-FCL: Joint Aviation Requirements-Flight Crew Licensing

European regulations relating to certificates of pilots.

FTO : Flight Training Organization

Licenses / competencies / qualifications

AI : Ab initio’s

ATPL : Air Transport Pilot’s Licence

The ATPL commercial airline pilot training results including a theoretical ATPL (Airline Transport Pilot's Licence) and a practical CPL (Commercial Pilot's Licence)

CPL: Commercial Pilot’s Licence

License that gives authorization to act as first or second pilot during flights for remuneration, other than a commercial air transport operations.

Frozen CPL and ATPL

You passed the theoretical part of the training and have the corresponding licenses, but still don't have enough flight hours

PPL : Private Pilot Licence

License that authorizes to act as first or co-pilot of an aircraft during flights but without benefit.

IRI : Instrument Rating Instruction

ME : Multi Engine Rating

The qualification to independently fly a multi-engine aircraft, if in possession of a PPL or CPL.

SE: Single Engine Rating

The qualification to independently fly a single-engine aircraft or, if in possession of a PPL or CPL.

FI: Flight Instructor

Flight Instructor

MCC: Multi Crew Co-operation

Multi Crew Co-operation is a type of license that allows pilots to work as a team in multi-engine aircrafts as requested by the competent authorities.


Qualification for flying a particular type of aircraft.

VFR – IFR : Visual Flight Rules – Instrument Flight Rules

VFR refers to flying under weather conditions clear enough to allow the pilot to see where the aicraft is going.  On IFR flight the pilot depends only on the instruments in the cockpit (eg at night or in bad weather).

PIC : Pilot in Command


Simulator – FNPTII

Simulator for two-engined aircraft or class of airplane in which the systems and instruments have identical functions as a real airplane.