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Medical certificate Class 1

European legislation provides that any pilot within its authority must be in possession of a valid medical certificate. In order to obtain a medical certificate for pilots of civil aircraft refer to the Center for Aviation Medicine (ECLG) of the Board of the Medical Expertise (MEDEX).

The Center for Aviation Medicine Medex informs pilots from now on the website http://www.medex.fgov.be/ Pilots can visit Medex's website which provides information on the types of certificates and medical examinations. The application forms are available on the website.

To obtain an ATPL license, candidates must be in possession of a Class 1 license.

limited duration

It is the responsibility of each pilot to ensure that for each flight he holds a valid medical certificate. He must ensure the timely measures necessary to renew this certificate. The medical examination for renewal of the certificate must be in the period of 45 calendar days before the expiry date of the medical certificate held.

A valid medical fitness certificate must always be submitted to the Department of Permits to fly the FPS Mobility. A racing license will not be renewed without a valid medical certificate.

When the pilot receives his medical certificate?

Pilots that undergo the initial examination never get their certificate immediately. The initial general health check class 1 is first supervised by a doctor of the AMS (Aeromedical Section) of the Administration of Civil Aviation of the FPS Mobility.

Medical examinations

A medical examination includes a detailed analysis of the medical history of the pilot. They also examine whether they fulfill the physical and mental fitness criteria defined in the regulations on the basis of a series of physical and laboratory examinations. Depending on the type of research, specialists can be consulted.

There are various types of medical examinations according to:

  • the class
  •  A first medical examination of whether an investigation for a renewal of the license and the medical certificate
  •  The extent of the study (general or investigation)


Where the medical examinations  can be performed?

All medical examinations of Class 1 shall be performed by a Center for Aviation Medicine, as ECLG of Medex.

The ECLG of Medex is located in Brussels and all studies continue to:

Directors medical expertise
Victor Horta 40/10
1060 Brussels


What to bring to an initial investigation by the ECLG?

  • Valid passport or identity card
  • Any spare glasses and goggles
  • Proof of payment by bank transfer
  • Completed form to the Board of Aviation of the FPS Mobility and Transport: Medical Form pilots (. PDF) (see Annex or http://www.medex.fgov.be/ http://www.medex.fgov.be/  > medical expertise> pilots)

Postal address: Medex - Victor Horta, 40 box 10 1060 Brussels

Fax: 02/524.76.00

Call center: 02/524.97.97

Fill in the form the data that matches your case and Medex will try to answer wherever possible to take your case into account, but the date proposed by Medex depends more on the number of places available. Be careful, the initial medical examinationfor class 1 only happen on Wednesday and Thursday morning.

The ECLG makes an appointment as soon as possible and informs you by letter or e-mail.

Information Source:  http://www.medex.fgov.be/